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UH650L- Perfectly balanced all-linear machine realizes ultimate ultra high speed milling machining.

Based on experience with linear motor technology over 20 years, Sodick is presenting a new generation of Ultra High-speed Milling center with linear motor drives in all 3 axes.

The simple structure with the magnet plate and coil unit enables assembly without contact, which maintains high repeat accuracy with no wear caused by contact or backlash. Since there is no secular change, stable positioning accuracy and excellent control characteristics of the machining axes can be maintained over a long period.

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Technical Specifications
Axis travel (X x Y x Z)
620x500x300 mm
Rapid traverse rate/cutting speed
Distance between table top and spindle tip
150 ~ 450 mm
Spindle speed
6000 ~ 40000 min-¹
Tool holder shank
HSK-E32 Shrink-Fit
Maximum tool diameter
Ø 6 mm
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)
1825x3220x2540 mm
Machine tool weight (Including NC Unit)
8000 kg
Table size (X x Y)
750 x 500 mm
Maximum load on table
150 kg
Total power capacity
30 kva
Standard Features of UH650L
3 Axis Linear Motor Drive
XYZ Linear scale feedback
ATC 16 Tools
Stepdown transformer
SEPT II - Sodick Enhanced Precision Technology
Ether Net (LAN)
Work Light