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Windows platform

  • Sodick machines are on Windows operating system with 64 bit processor and Sodick multitask shell, powerful protection from unauthorised access.
designed-for ms-xp

Linear optical glass scale feedback

  • Heidenhain linear glass scales are mounted on all the axes, this ensures cutting accuracy and repeatability.
  • Since the linear glass scales are mounted on the moving axes, it’s always measuring the true machine position, the combination of linear motor drives & glass scales feedback produces the best in part accuracy.
Linear optical Glass Scale Feedback

Meehanite castings

  • Sodick uses only high quality meehanite castings which are very regid and is preferred casting for machine tools. The internally ribbed meehanite casting offers the highest level of static and dynamic stability. This ensures high thermal stability resulting in precision machining.
  • Sodick pours, machines their own castings which outweigh all of its competitors in their respective machine class.  Sodick hand scrapes for all castings ensuring total quality control.
  • Meehanite castings have uniform soundness, consistent physical properties and fine dense grain structure resulting in machine rigidity.
  • Motion & stress analysis helps determine casting thickness & rib placement.
  • Less expensive substitutes for meehanite include rhenocast & dianite.
Meehanite castings

Motion guide ways

  • Sodick goes beyond the standard with high quality THK linear motion SSR caged ball guideways.
  • THK SSR guideways are maintenance- free and provide frictionless axis movement that will never wear.
  • THK is the world leader in linear motion guideways and is preferred by most machine tool builders. THK motion guide ways can travel the equivalent distance from the earth to the moon a 100 times without any wear.
Motion Guide Ways

In-house chiller unit

Sodick uses the in-house manufactured chiller unit to maintain the temperature of the dielectric, which is very compact and quality assured.

Chiller unit control system automatically senses the room temperature and instantaneously adjust the dielectric temperature within +/-1 deg celsius.

In-house Chiller unit