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Let’s “Make it In India” with Sodick!

Ken TAKAHASHI, Managing Director Sodick Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

We 'Sodick Technologies India Private Limited (STIP)' are committed to provide best products and service support to our customers for their manufacturing solutions while religiously upholding the Sodick philosophy -“Create, Implement & Overcome difficulties”

10 years…since we’ve launched incorporation here in India though Sodick technologies contributed much longer than that thankfully. High Speed, High Accuracy, the requirements from the market also growing day by day the same as India economy upgraded. Linear Motor Technology is one of the features of Sodick, and we’d been introducing the function of its merit for Indian market as we’ve delivered more than 46,000 units to all over the world. We trust Indian customers already enjoy it and expanding its capacity for now.

Sodick has always stood one step ahead of the market requirements by providing cutting edge technology with its proprietary features & establishing many milestones. Sodick is the pioneer of Linear Motor machines in EDM realm, and utilized the Linear Motor technology for High Speed Milling (HSM) are also continued to set new bench mark in the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the evolution of V-Line Injection Molding machine and metal 3D printer, Sodick OPM, are in the list for Indian market.

However, keep providing best quality support for the customers is more important than deliver the latest technologies we believe. Yes, Customer Support is our utmost priority. Our Service team is completely driven by ‘Passion for Sodick Technology’. We are growing bigger and better to remain as excellent service support. So, let’s just Make your dream come true In India with Sodick”.

Best Regards,


Managing Director

Sodick Technologies India Private Limited