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Sodick uses Linear motors drive on all three X,Y,Z* axis
Linear Motors = Speed + Acceleration
1.2G@ 36m/min on Z-axis
1.2G@10m/min on X,Y-axis

The below is the die-sinker EDM construction of the Z-axis

Structure of Ceramic slider

Contact free-Direct Configuration-Linear to Linear

  • Linear Perfect Balance System - to reduce the load of motor by optimizing the head balance at all time
  • Coil Unit – Unique and original cooling system control the temperature with in 2 deg Celsius, Optimized design to minimize the thermal effect.
  • Cooling System – Pinpoint cooling system by laying out of cooling pipe inside the coil unit
  • Ceramic Quill – Ceramic weigh less than half of cast iron quill, thermal expansion is 1/3 of cast iron and excellent insulator, all together brings the stable and repeatability in machining.

In linear motor die-sinker EDM , the Z-axis is absolutely contact free and jump speed can go up to 36m/min. In contrast the ballscrew drive system has speed limitation because of the thermal expansion of the ballscrew creates inconsistency in machining.

(* Please check with Sodick sales for confirmation and more details)

No flush machining -Sodick’s original technology;
Realizes high speed and high accuracy result in improved labour efficiency

High quality machining brought by High accelaration Servo Jump, Max 36m/min

No Flush Maching

Above is the self explanatory demonstrating pictures which bring us the following advantages :

  • Quick disposal of chip, gas, tar etc - cutting without flushing (No flushing)
  • No shape deformation because of no secondary discharges.
  • Shorter idle time because of high speed jump
  • Maintain smaller spark gap by stable machining
  • Less wear of electrode
  • No un-even electrode wear caused by short circuit
  • Fine corners can be achieved

LN Assist maximizes the capability of linear motors

LN assist is the simple automatic menu driven and interactive programming system to select machining conditions for variety of applications as shown in the picture.

LN Assist programs are easy to handle even for the beginners and are capable to create NC programs for any type of complex application. LN Assist stores data more than 10,000 machining conditions. By inputting the machining depth, electrode material, required finish, electrode clearance and loran pattern, the program finds an optimum condition and creates NC programs. It covers a horizontal servo and other complex applications. Further more operator is allowed to manually edit an program with a simple operation.

LN Assist is with several support functions like free loran setting, multiple parts machining, macro machining and part edit etc.

LN Assist  Maximizes
Arc-less system

The new electrical discharge circuit ‘Arc-less,’ which is installed standard, enables no arc machining. Problems traditionally associated with EDM machining can now be achieved with greater anti-arc capabilities sharp edges, superior high speed machining.

  • Only one electrode can handle entire machining process from roughing to finishing!
  • The cost of making multiple electrodes can be greatly reduced!
  • Set-up time can be significantly reduced!
  • Errors in handling multiple electrodes can be reduced!
  • Higher grade machining is made possible, leading to huge improvements in productivity and cost-reduction.

With copper electrodes, the machining speed and accuracy can be greatly improved. Moreover, with the use of ‘SVC’ circuit the surface finish can be uniformly and efficiently controlled to provide high-grade texture or mirror surfaces in a very short period of time.
World first! Astonishingly low electrode wear rate of less than 0.06% is defined as “Zero-Wear”  

By overcoming the shortcoming of graphite electrode’s high electrode wear rate, the SGF power supply enables graphite electrode to machine work-piece with Zero wear.  Due to the increasing cost of copper, drastic cost reduction is expected by replacing copper electrodes with graphite electrodes. Advantages of graphite electrode:

  • inexpensive
  • outstanding cutting performance
  • light weight
  • fixable with glue
  • corrosion proof
  • small thermal expansion co-efficient
Nano Wear
Nano Wear