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AQ1500L- The World’s biggest Linear Motor Drive Wire-cut EDM

AQ1500L is the largest Wire EDM in our product line and incorporates Sodick’s in-house made technologies such as Linear Motors, Ceramics and NC controller. With AQ1500L it is possible to machine almost any size which requires Wire EDM application in general scenario. AQ1500L facilitate to finish the work piece in a single set up with minimal pitch error and to mitigate the possible rejection which normally allied with multiple settings, especially while making progressive & electrical lamination tools. Further AQ1500L makes even more comfortable to machine moulds for large screen TV and automobile bumpers.

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Technical Specifications
Work tank inner size (W x D)
2124 x 1600 mm
Max.size of workpiece(W x D xH)
1900 x 950 x 600 mm
Max. weight of workpiece
8000 kg
Axis travel (X x Y x Z)
1500 x 1000 x 600 mm
Auxiliary table travel (U x V axis)
1520 x 1020 mm
Wire diameter
Ø0.15-Ø0.33 mm
Taper angle / thickness
±30° / 150 mm
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H)
5600 x 4435 x 2930 mm
Machine tool weight (without Dielectric Tank)
15000 kg
Power consumption (3 Ph. 50/60 Hz)
18 kva
Dielectric fluid capacity
6000 lit
Max. machining current
Hour meter
W - axis
Standard Features of AQ1500L
Linear motors (X, Y, U, V axis)
Linear glass scales (X, Y, U, V axis)
Heart NC–Automatic programming system
High speed electrolysis free circuit
Corner Control
Tension servo
Energy saving circuit
FTII (Fine pick-up function)
Dielectric cooling unit (Chiller)
Z -axis Automatic water level control
Super Jet AWT (Annealing type)
Wire tip disposal unit
Remote controller & Mouse
Step-down transformer
15" TFT LCD Touch screen
Front door up-down slide tank
Slide plate cleaning function
Low pressure flushing