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AP250L, Linear motor drive High Precision Wire-cut EDM :

Improved productivity in the superfine and super-precision screw-less drive and new power supply unit.

Possess Screw-less drive + gantry type construction:

This machine uses a linear motor drive which realizes high speed and fast response and also a low center of gravity gantry-type column, enabling the mechanical displacement due to mass motion to be reduced to the minimum possible, and also realizing greatly improved positioning and machining accuracy.

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Technical Specifications
Work tank inner size (W x D)
850 x 610 mm
Max.size of workpiece(W x D xH)-Submerge
400 x 270 x 100 mm
Max. size of workpiece (W x D xH)- Flushing
400 x 270 x 100 mm
Max. weight of workpiece - Submerge
80 kg
Max. weight of workpiece - Flushing
80 kg
Axis travel (X x Y x Z)
250 x 150 x 100 mm
Auxiliary table travel (U x V axis)
35 x 35 mm
Wire diameter
Ø0.05-Ø0.2 mm
Taper angle / thickness
±7° / 100 mm
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H)
2015x2517x2095 mm
Machine tool weight (without Dielectric Tank)
3730 kg
Power consumption (3 Ph. 50/60 Hz)
10 kva
Dielectric fluid capacity
375 liters
Max. machining current
W - axis
Standard Features of AP250L
Linear motors (X, Y, U, V axis)
Linear glass scales (X, Y, U, V axis)
Heart NC–Automatic programming system
High speed electrolysis free circuit
Corner Control
Tension servo
Energy saving circuit
FTII (Fine pick-up function)
Dielectric cooling unit (Chiller)
Z -axis Automatic water level control
Super Jet AWT (Annealing type)
Wire tip disposal unit
Remote controller & Mouse
Step-down transformer
15" TFT LCD Touch screen
Front door up-down slide tank
Slide plate cleaning function
Low pressure flushing