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HS650-The expert's machine that evokes inovation in precision mold and component machining.

One scale up from the HS430L; Capable of machining plates of up to 300mm in thickness.

Main features like high acceleration rates > 1.2G and high speed feeds (36m/min) with Linear Motor Axis Drives, Glass scale feedback, Sperodial Castings, 40,000 rpm Oil-Air Spindle, K-SMC Motion Controller, Control Technology with LN2X CNC comes equipped with SEPT (1,000 block look ahead feature) to achieve the high speed, high accuracy and fine surface finish machining.

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Technical Specifications
Axis travel (X x Y x Z)
620x500x300 mm
Rapid traverse rate/cutting speed
Distance between table top and spindle tip
150 ~ 450 mm
Spindle speed
6000 ~ 40000 min-¹
Tool holder shank
HSK-E32 Shrink-Fit
Maximum tool diameter
Ø 6 mm
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)
1825x3080x2540 mm
Machine tool weight (Including NC Unit)
8000 kg
Table size (X x Y)
750 x 500 mm
Maximum load on table
150 kg
Total power capacity
30 kva
Chip Tank capacity
165 lit
Standard Features of HS650L
3 Axis Linear Motor Drive
XYZ Linear scale feedback
ATC 16 Tools
Spindle Temperature Controller
Linear Motor Temperature Controller
Semi-Dry Machining System
Auto shutdown system
Auto lubrication system
Oil Base Coolant
Stepdown transformer
Centering kit
High Speed High Accuracy Function
(SEPT II - Sodick Enhanced Precision Technology)
Macro Function
Ether Net (LAN)
Touch Sensor ASSY (BIG, Work piece
positioning function)
Mist Collector (AMANO)
Splash guard
Automatic Tool Length Measuring System
- BLUM (non contact type)
Cleaning Gun
Tool Tip Cleaning System
Signal Tower
Tool kit
Work Light