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HS150L-Making way for evolution in high precision electrode machining, micro hole drilling and creation of high tolerance component.

All in one space saving model equipped with built in automation and with very less footprint.

Main features like high acceleration rates > 1.2G and high speed feeds (36m/min) with Linear Motor Axis Drives, Glass scale feedback, Sperodial Castings, 40,000 rpm Oil-Air Spindle, K-SMC Motion Controller, Control Technology with LN2X CNC comes equipped with SEPT (1,000 block look ahead feature) to achieve the high speed, high accuracy and fine surface finish machining.

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Technical Specifications
Axis travel (X x Y x Z)
(+175 in y-axis for work piece setup)

150x150x200 mm
Rapid traverse rate/cutting speed
Spindle speed
6000 ~ 40000 min-¹
Tool holder shank
HSK-E32 Shrink-Fit
Maximum tool diameter
Ø 6 mm
Machine dimensions (W x D x H)
1550x2820x2185 mm
Machine tool weight (Including NC Unit)
5500 kg
Maximum load on table
20 kg
Total power capacity
30 kva
Chip Tank capacity
170 Lit
Standard Features of HS150L
3 Axis Linear Motor Drive
XYZ Linear scale feedback
ATC 30 Tools
Spindle Temperature Controller
Linear Motor Temperature Controller
Auto shutdown system
Auto lubrication system
Oil Base Coolant
Stepdown transformer
Centering kit
High Speed High Accuracy Function
(SEPT II - Sodick Enhanced Precision Technology)
Macro Function
Ether Net (LAN)
Touch Sensor ASSY (BIG, Work piece
positioning function)
Mist Collector (AMANO)
Splash guard
Automatic Tool Length Measuring System
- BLUM (non contact type)
Cleaning Gun
Tool Tip Cleaning System
Signal Tower
Tool kit
Work Light