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AG60L - The 5th generation EDM technology with LN2 controller.

AG60L is the 5th generation Linear motor drive High speed Die-sinker electrical discharge machining technology 'LN2 controller' has adopted the 'perfect active control,' enabling simultaneous control of high speed electrical discharge and axis movements by using serial communication technology of 1Gbit/sec. New Arc-less system features further improved 'Nano Wear' and also ensures great improvements in machining speed and accuracy with copper electrodes. Further standard SVC circuit features high quality surface finishing, like satin surface finish with low electrode wear.

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Technical Specifications
Work table size (W x D)
750 x 550 mm
Work tank inner dimensions (W x D X H)
950 x 745 x 460 mm
Work tank fluid level (Min. to Max)
150 ~ 400 mm
Axis travel ( X x Y x Z)
600 x 420 x 370 mm
Max. weight of Electrode
50 kg
Maximum weight of workpiece
1500 kg
Distance between electrode and table top
200 ~ 570 mm
Machine tool dimensions
1740x2755x2570 mm
Machine tool weight
4950 kg
Power consumption (3 Ph. 50/60 Hz)
10 kva
Dielectric fluid and capacity
570 lit
Max. Machining current
Hour meter
Manual or/ Auto chuck(EROWA/System 3R)
Electrode Holder
40A or/ 80A booster
Rotary Head, C axis
Shuttle ATC (6/7 stn)
Rotary ATC (16E/32E)
Standard Features of AG60L
Linear motors (X, Y, Z axis)
Linear glass scales (X, Y, Z axis)
Ceramic components
Linear motor cooling unit
Dielectric cooling unit (Chiller)
LN Professional programming system
SVC circuit
SQ circuit
Arc-less ckt
Remote controller
Step-down transformer
15"TFT Touch screen
Fire extinguisher
Motorised 3 sided vertical sliding tank